Friday, February 28, 2014

The end Game

Well it seems to be an end is near, no matter how much I deny it or fight again it. But the reality is the finally we are breaking up. After all the love we shared, all the hate we put on each other, all the gifts, all the good, bad and ugly movement we shared will become a memory of past not because they have gone, just because we both have decided to more on. Someone said to me that today people relationship don’t die because of death, but it die due to people let it die; they don’t do anything to keep it alive.

We also did the same thing, I tried to kill my part of relationship and you did your part. Now we both are free from each other spell, we both can do what we want to do, we don’t have to care about each other wish, life, like and dislike. We can move on in life, a thing which we thought will be difficult, but see today also I am writing, even though I thought that without you it would not be possible. Today I realize maybe we never loved each other, because love story never end like this. Our love story had share of good thing, but we never accepted each other weakness, you never understood what I feel like, you never given a deed to my feelings. We carried just a relationship to such a long, just because sake of it. Now I know why in India people are still in marriage even though they are not happy in it, some cheat, some lie but they think this is there rest blame it on god. But no one has courage to say that I made a mistake but I will not continue with it.

I know that might be from tomorrow I will again start missing you, with each passing day I will want to come back to your life, I have done that in past as well, that is why I have lost myself. But this time I don’t want it, if there is no love then it a waste relationship and I don’t want to carry a baggage of a dead relationship on my shoulder. It took time part of me to realize that, you are just with me because I am you habit not your love. A habit which can be replace with something, a habit which can be controlled, a habit which can be labeled as bad when things go wrong, I don’t want to a habit. I wanted to be loved but now I don’t think that would be possible. With each day, you will become more hard towards me, and I will become more weak toward you.

I don't want any favors, but I want to be loved.

PS: A break up letter written by someone who just broke up with GF.