Monday, January 27, 2014

Hazard: The Star which is shining now

If you ask any fan which player has improved this season most, they will say Hazard. He has just taken his game to different level in last few weeks. It is amazing how thing have just turned around for him in just matter of weeks. It was in November when he was dropped from the team for being late in training and also there were reports that coach is not happy with his discipline in training. The amount of talent he has, he should much better than what he was doing in start of season. And if any coach ever looks from a response from a player, then take a note of Hazard, he has been nothing short of phenomenal in last few weeks, he is the difference between draw and win in Chelsea fc matches.

If you see his game last year and this year there is one major difference is about his reading of game, I don’t it is because of Mourino or he has just become that good, there is no doubt that his defensive side of game has been a plus sign for team, he and Oscar pushes the team to their half and also track back if it required. Going forward he has been nothing short of phenomenal in last few weeks, he has terrorized defense with his direct running, I think last few week referee has not given him at least 2 or 3 penalty, hazard is not a driver but he commit people with his pace and skill that they often don’t able to make a last minute adjustment to his play. He has already scored around 8 or 7 goals, but more important 4 goals in December only. He has stepped his game at right time for team, and with Jose I am sure he will become better.

If hazard has still some weakness then not shooting more some promising position, he did that thing against Liverpool when he leveled Chelsea fc back in the game, but often he and Oscar not shoot they just pass one extra and the movement is gone. Once he starts to score more, then he will be more deadly. I think he is worthy replacement of Ronaldo and Bale in the premier league. He can be the next poster boy of BPL, I think next season we will see a different Hazard, but how Chelsea fc keep this team intact will be vital to his performance. He is still developing and that is frightening for the opposition.

Imagine Hazard running at pace to the defense and there is Oscar and other forward player as well, they can be as deadly as anyone in the world when they attack like this, they have shown that against Liverpool. And yes, they outplayed and outsmarted to them.

P.S. : Hazard face make him so innocent looking boy, but he can be deadly with boll in his foot. J