Saturday, January 25, 2014

Year review of Chelsea fc

Again a dramatic year end of Chelsea fc, as a fan I have stopped being surprised by this club. This is my club, but they can make any scene a drama and they do come out in the end good out of it, like in movies. This year was again the same, when they entered the year with Rafa in charge it was like club fan vs club management, but in the end he delivered the club what he was asked to do. A trophy and top 4 finish in league. This can do the maddest thing in world but yet in the end it goes well.

Players like Terry, Lampard and Cole realized that they are no longer starter in the club; they can be shown the door by the club, yet contract was offered to cole and lampard but I am still not convinced club will have them more than this year. I think cole will leave, and lamps and terry will stay. Chelsea fc new deal of Kit with Addidas made news, it is significant because now people know how big Chelsea fc has become. I think they will be first club to crack the US market because they always visit there in the season start of end of it. They are moving in right direction in term of finance and also in term of vision of club, for the first time we made profit as well that was significant.

The biggest drama was arrival of Jose Mourinho, well if any club can do that then only Chelsea fc in the mind. He comes back to club he love, a club who loves him and fans adore him. He is like second god to most Chelsea fc fan, because the passion and desire he shows on the pitch to win the game is matched by no one else. He is still shaping his team and I think it will take time to get again the mourinho special team, this term he has a great quality squad, but balance is still missing. How he will deal with it is very important.

In term of player, there is not much change in the team, they have only bought willian and eto, otherwise rest team is same, if you see the amount of player are out on loan, then you realize how much talent Chelsea fc has on his books. They might not be best team now, but in future they can be better team without any investment. This team can become more powerful and more amazing with just little addition. I think we will lose some loan starts, but profile will be there in each of them.

Lastly last year we lost too many big games at time, but with jose back in charge we are winning again those big matches, just we have to now not lose those small matches to make sure we stay in the hunt.  Last 2 season we were out of race by this time, but now with jose back we know it will be close, we might not be the championship material, but he will make sure we take the fight to the last round. I think jose will make the difference in the title race, because he know it is important to win, but also very important to not let other win in the league which he did at Man utd and Arsnel.