Thursday, October 23, 2014

Books I am reading

After a long time I got a chance to spend some time on reading books, there was two books pending on my checklist, one was biography of Steve Jobs and another one was Moneyball: winning a unfair game written on life of Billy a GM of Baseball team, who against the all odds each year produce winning team with lower budget. For information only last year famous movie Moneyaball was based on this book only.

Let me first talk about my reading of Steve Jobs book, half of my book was finished in summer, but other half was pending. I never pushed myself to finish the book, but somehow this weekend I did it. For me Steve Jobs did two great things for us, one he created solution out of the existing problem and second he just created Apple what it is today. People have different opinion about him, and frankly they have right to do so, he divide people opinion. One thing which everyone agrees is he just created solution out of problem like no one else did, be it Ipod, be it IPhone, be it I Pad, and be it toy story. There are so many things which he did and nobody thought about it. I was really amazed to just read his story and so much new thing I learned about life. Often I feel what next can be done in this case, after reading his story I feel that he was at brutal best when he said what he needed to say. He revolutionized the way we listen the song, the way we use our touch phone and best part was with him we knew there is something new coming up. I think post him Apple has lost that Mojo factor, but who can blame Cook for it, who can ever replace #stevejobs. After reading his book, I am really torn between the idea of tech person and sales person, who should be allowed to run the company. One point I agree with him is that sales person always see the number, for him every product is about NUMBER, and at some point the product get lost to keep the number up.

There is one thing about #stevejobs which keep me hooked up to this book was his never to say die attitude. He was always sure what he wanted and by any means he keeps getting it. It is dealing with Motorola chip case, he did what other top person could be afraid to do, and for good it changed the industry. As a outside I see him as a person who stood between Windows to create the monopoly and now his creating of Apple phone is doing the same thing with Google Android. I know his legacy will always be Apple, but there is more than an organization, he created a value to apple which now people understand. A brand value which is hard to create and he did it in his own style.

After reading this book, I am really open for so many things, and in work I am really open to be more brutal. The friendship can work, but to successful, we have to be brutal. There are many ways to reach to top, it don’t necessary we take the way which others are taking, we have to just make sure we take a route which in which we don’t stop no matter the obstacle and most important we believe in the route which we are taking.

P.S.: I am so excited to read more biography now, felling like a child has just found space inside me again to be at my creative best, no matter what other think of you. I don’t give a dam F@#$ about them.