Friday, November 1, 2013

Chelsea fc: So finally Torres did it

After wait of almost 2 and half year finally Torres has his movement of glory, he did it in the style which every Chelsea fc fan wanted him to do in last few years. So after 4 managers and lots of criticism he is coming back to best which we had seen in old times. Finally Jose had done it what other thought no one could do, that is why we call him especial.

 Torres had it all in the match, a miss of the match, a amazing run which left Cliche dead and created the opener, but what amazed me how he chased the ball. Finally he got reward for it, the goal which was created by confusion but what we do know is Torres created that goal for himself. He chased a ball which was not going anywhere, a ball where defender has no problem to deal with, but he created goal for himself. It was not a goal of amazing run, not a goal with great skill but a goal of a self belief, a belief which is installed him by manager that no match is over until the last movement and last kick of the match. This is 3rd match in the running where Torres has created the havoc in the defense.  

So what Torres has done differently in this season from what we have seen him do last few season for Chelsea fc, so the most simple answer is his running with the ball. He is not playing one two with player behind him immediately he receive the ball, his first instinct is now to run with the ball into the defense, this is what is major point of his revival. He is never been a player who can be a focal point, but a counter attacking team he can be deadly. Because his running with ball and without ball I am seeing this season is far better than what he used to do at Liverpool. He is running for full 90 minute at the same intensity as this is game which he wants to perform. Whatever has led to his revival, but we all love his new and improved version of Torres 2.0 under Jose.

Chelsea fc is again a work in progress in this season, they are not yet the best team, they are still venerable in the middle of park. But the attack is there best point of defense. They are so direct in last few days that it remind of old Chelsea fc days of Robben and duff when they used to run at the defense and create terror among them with their run, now Torres, Hazard and Andre is doing the same thing. Oscar is playing early ball for them perfectly in the play maker role and helping team in defense as well.

And finally Jose proved that he is not about just picking a team of his choice, he can make player career so much better when he fire them up. Look at the Inter team and Real team; they all are missing the intensity since he has left. Only Chelsea fc copes without him better because of his old school players. He is making Torres look like a striker which was world best, I think on this form he might be in my top 3 striker in EPL and Europe not only because he score goal but because he will create space for other and also goal for them which very few striker do.

P.S.: I like to see what Torres do this weekend against Newcastle United; If he does well again then there will be no doubt that he is back… Al Nino is back …