Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Goliyo ki Raasleela… RaamLeela

This was one of those movie from which I had no expectation, I watched it because my friends wanted to watch it. This movie is based on Famous Romeo and Juliet, so the climax part is already known to me (I hate sometime sad ending). Sanjay Leela Bhansali lived up to his already created expectation, his set, music and colors of movie were superb. I think after black and Sawariya this is one of most colorful movie for a change. But he just missed on the emotional part, emotion was less in the movie.

I am not going to tell you what is the story of movie, but in short movie is based on love of Ram and leela. There love which is not acceptable to their respective family and villagers, but somehow they fell in love and rest thing just happen in film. Movie had the entire element, but it never connect with me on emotional level. For example the leela character played by deepika was really not very well written at times, she has done a wonderful job in acting in the movie, but there is some part like why an independent girl will start acting like a dumb lover girl, I am failed to understand that. Emotionally there were too many loop holes in the character of the Leela. She could have taken the movie to next level but here the director has not made the smart choice. I am really start feeling our movies are not showing strong women character who are independent.

Ram, Ranveer character has so many basic flaws that you could not ignore that. His entry scene was good, but the movie focused more of his 8 abs than his emotional level. This movie could have been so much different, if the emotional IQ of this movie would have been little stronger. His comedy timing has been great, his action scene has been good, and in emotional scene he has done good, but director never take it to different level. The scene which Raam and leela meet, you could see the basic flaw of movie, there are biggest enemy, they all use FB, Phone and Internet, yet they have not seen him. If you are making a movie based on Romeo and Juliet, people should cry when they die, but people think finally it happens. Second half was really a letdown for me.

The only Good character in the movie which was picture perfect was, Baa. She just filled the screen when she was on the screen. I loved her role so much; the only character which was flawless, and what a performance given by the Ratna Ma’am, Hats off.

I know what you people might think; this is one time watch movie, not more than that. I expected more from sanjay, yet it reminds me of Devdas, a complete package but lack on the emotions. Movie only make me emotional for 10 min. that is too less for a love story based on Romeo and Juliet. 

P.S.: This movie can be only watched for Deepika, She has given a powerhouse performance in the movie. I think right now she is just the biggest star in the female leading lady. The writer famously said, what is in name, but in India it is all in the name.