Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sachin and only sachin

I didn’t watch the single ball in the last match which sachin played; I don’t even read news about it. Somehow I feel this series was set us by BCCI telling him to take a gracefully exit from the cricket. I don’t like that part, especially about the cricketer whom from my early age I have seen doing impossible acts. He has been only reason why most people follow cricket most of time, I remember a time when our whole match used to depend on sachin, once sachin is out we used to shut our tv or used to think we would lose match.

Sachin was not special because of his records, one day his record will be broken but no one else will get the place the sachin has taken in our hearts. Some people have that magic in them that they make everything special, when everyone else used to defend in one day cricket he used to play shot. That time people who play shot used to be said a pitch hitter or not a proper cricketer, he was special in that sense because he used to play proper cricketing shot and deliver the goods for the team. He each century is always been helping cause for team, but I agree with this notion that he has never won team more matchs.
As a cricketer has was one of the most gifted player of all the time, he is like Pele and Marodona of football, people will come and go but there status will not change. They are like god of that sports and sachin is more than god of cricket. He may not be first to be called the best, but he has redefined the sports in a way which only history will remember.

Sachin magic started to fade from me when I started to play football in school, and that time I just swapped my icons in sports as well. No longer was my life restricted to sachin, I don’t care about the sachin score, his century and his records. Sachin is one of those players who have touched our life in an unsaid or unexplained way. He might be gone, but story surrounding his life will live on.

Ideally I should be sad that he has retired, but in reality I am happy that he has retired. He is just filled so many colors in our life by his runs and wicket that those memory will live on.

P.S.: I was more worried on the day Bhutia retired because I was worried about india future in football, but in cricket I know Indian future is secure, even though I don’t follow cricket now.