Tuesday, November 26, 2013

East Bengal: Review of the season till now

I always said on my blog last year, I am worried about the stage when Mr. Morgan will leave East Bengal, and this season proved me right. This is most complete squad of East Bengal, but not the right man in the start of season. For me personally, bringing Coach like Flapo was always a danger and it proved right. He got the expectation of East Bengal, who are expected to win every game there fan, and even more so spoilt by Mr. Morgan in last few years. He was never given the time to settle in the Indian football by media, He was always compare to Mr. Morgan, in which he failed but it was not his fault, it is fault of club. I will come to that point later.

Let me first say, The AFC cup performance of East Bengal was the highlight of the season. I think tactical genius of flapo won the Quarterfinal for us, but in semi we were outplayed by the superior club. But I was satisfied by the performance of the team. I hope this year they can get in AFC cup, because now the player is better equipped to play away from home as they are now used to it. I hope they can get better this season.
Getting rid of Flapo was not the smart move, but appointing him at first place was the wrong more for me. If you have seen in last few years, Morgan has developed him team by choosing player for his team, but flapo was never given that chance. I think that led to his downfall. He might be great coach, sometime it doesn’t work out as we want. East Bengal has to be patient with their next coach, because it will take time to get used to team and player. That is why I think it was smart move to appoint Almando, he know Indian football better than anyone, he is just a great coach and also he has won I league, a missing piece from east Bengal jewel from few years. I hope he win it for east Bengal, win against Mohan Began has kicked start the season for east Bengal.

What impressed me about east Bengal in last few season has been how they have handled the transfer window, Inflow and outflow of player. They have maintain the core of squad same for last few years, and also the young player in squad are quite good. They will do better as the season will progress, but one player which impressed me most is Lalrindika Ralte, he has been star in East Bengal. The goal he has scored this season is class apart. I think he is just 21 year old; he is one of brightest start of India not for east Bengal. The core of east Bengal squad remain same, they have just made the squad better. I hope they don’t chop and change next season also.

I am east Bengal fan, but I hate when east Bengal chop and change too much in a season. But being Chelsea fc and EBFC you realize that loosing in that club, means end of word. So the expectation is to win every match.