Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Career guide: Available at a click away....

Remember the time in your life after 10th, when you are confused about science, commerce and arts. You family want you to become doctor and your friends are going in commerce. But you don’t know is what you want do and what you really want to do. When I was in that time what I missed was counseling for not what I wanted to do after 10th but where I can go after choosing that option.

Well everyone want to become doctor, engineer and CA in the school life, but do we realize at that time what our real interest in life, sometime we don’t. Our career option is limited to the fixed option we have always told about, but we never want to make our interest as our career. Take a example of me, If I could have pursue my interest I would have took literature rather than commerce but I could because I was not sure of my interest and also about how my career would be, what I would do after that, what my friend will say. I wish someone could have guided me at that time, apart from my family member who would have been unbiased in his/her opinion and told me what was right, rather than telling me what he has done and what I should do even though I don’t want to do it.

While working in startup I always look for some innovative startups, recently I found one startup which help student to make a correct career decision., this is a website which help student to get customize career (Well I could not stop myself using my customize work here also), you find the unbiased opinion about the career option apart from teacher, doctor and engineer. Thank god they help DJ, writer and also sometime sports person wanabe student, who can be as good in their field if they guided as the studious student in numbers. As we move towards the tier- II city and rural area, where student have less exposure towards the other career and to the counseling, they find it most difficult to decide about the career they want to choose. It leave them with only few options in the career and sometime they are even not sure about their interest in life, You don’t have to worry about that. can help you in choosing the right career for you. Not only where your interest is but also where your real ability lies. The common mistake we make in choosing in career is we like some career and make choice in basis of that, but in reality sometime we find our real interest is not there and we could not fit in that environment. 

They have one very innovative test called, psychometric test which help student to choose the career where their interest really are. Well as I am really week in numbers what I understood is that it helps to calculate you interest on basis of some basic which help you to analyze how good you are in anything which you are choosing. Sound simple, indeed it will because those all coder writing code of this test have gone wanted to take out there anger because they know they could have been DJ or any other thing apart from this demanding job. Well my advice will be before you kill yourself with a wrong career choice or a wrong career decision, take a write decision and visit so they can help you in selecting your career.

It will help out those student who are still working there socks up but don’t know about there real ability. Lots of natural talent can be nurtured and also we can see student realize their dreams. Some time you need only a guide to tell you where you real path lies. 

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