Monday, January 7, 2013

Dhoni: The worst captain of Indian cricket team

I know lots of people out there will not agree with this, and I respect that because everyone has its own opinion. I have my own opinion about Dhoni that he is not the best but worst captain of Indian cricket team. He is not a leader and yet some of our media and Dhoni brand manager created the Dhoni brand.

Let me first start why I don’t consider him as the best captain. For me Ganguly was the best captain of Indian team for the long time and still I rate him the best one. He created a team but Dhoni has not been able to do so. His team has players like Yuvraj, Sehwag, Zaheer and raina. They all part of Ganguly team or dravid team. No major player has broken into team in his team. Reason I am not sure, If you say ashwin then you can see the connection of Chennai super king. How can he say that there are no young player, there are if you give him chance apart from Rohit and Jadeja.

Second people always say to me because of him team won two world cup, I don’t agree to that point. Agree or not but dhoni has nothing to do with world cup win. Both of the world cups were won by Yuvraj singh and zaheer khan. But yet no one takes there name, even Dhoni avoids to take the name of them. He was never the best captain, but he was captain of a very good team like ponting was captain of best Australia team. He has backed by BCCI chief because he is captain of his Chennai team as well and you can see it clearly.

He will give some or other excuse for the defeat, Sometime bowler didn’t do their job and some time batsman failure is the reason of loss. But what about captain you, you play wrong player in team and leave the player who perform out. You always hope never plan anything, he gives ball to raina in hope of wicker because if it comes out it is magical Dhoni, if not bad bowling not bad captainship.
The thing people said due to him Indian team has become no 1 in test, correct you figure, in captain of Kumble India was near to best cricket team. Almost won in Australia and was performing to best things and player was playing at their best. But in Dhoni captainship India has not lost in overseas but also in India as well. If any other captain would have been in his place his head would have be chopped and he would have been thrown out of team. 

The problem is he has a captain of Chennai super king, and there only star player. If he loses his captainship brand Dhoni will take a major beat down. It will affect Chennai Super King as well, there market value be down. They have no SRK or Some fancy overseas name to sell. That’s called politics in Indian cricket team. 

Well for me Indian cricket is in the hand of wrong people, who have started to believe that people have shot memory in this country and if you win little no body going to remember the losses.
P.S.: If any one deserve to be captain in Indian team then it is not kohli, it is either Yuvraj or Gambhir.