Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Rohit Sharma: The unexplained selection of player

I am baffled; I am angry and more so frustrated with the selection of Rohit Sharma in team. He is selected again and again in the team while doing badly. Why do we select him in the team? Are there no good batsmen in the domestic circuit?

Let’s look at the selection of yesterday match, he was selected again in the place of Ajika rakane who I rate much better player than him because in the given limited chances he has performed. All in the last few years I have heard about Rohit is that he is most talented batsman in the India and is one the best. But talent alone is nothing to be selected in India. He has never performed for India except again Bangladesh or West Indies and then again best he fails. He fails when team needs him and for me what is need of him?

Let’s look at what he does in them. He bats at no 6 after Raina, for me he does nothing. Our team has Gambhir, Sehwag, Kohli, Yuvraj, Raina and count dhoni and Ashwin in, We have ample of batsman in the team. Teams need all rounder, maybe a replacement ready of Sehwag but not one more underperforming middle order batsman. Rohit comes either too late in the match to affect it or come too early to change it. I remember few year earlier this was same position of Yuvraj and Kaif, see how opposite both career has gone. One is match winner and another one is out of scene of Indian international cricket.

Rohit is either selected because he is favorites of Captain Dhoni or because Indian has no other choice. I think India has enough talent like of Rahane, Jadeja and take all rounder of Irfan Pathan or say Yusuf pathan. All of the names I have taken are much more capable than rohit, they can ball either. They can ball wither only thing rohit can say are in par with them or batter was in the fielding. But you can’t choose him for that I think.

At least this ad seams to make more sensethen his selection

I am not a big fan of Indian cricket but what baffle me is selection procedure and the in explain method of it. You keep out rahane after he played beautifully in the T20, but you can see he was dropped for the place of Rohit. He is becoming the mystery of India.
In the end I can only ask how much more chance he needs to prove himself in the Indian cricket team. And Mr. Dhoni if you have given this much chance of Rohit please gives same number chance of next player. 

P.S.: Look out for Bhuvnaswar Kumar, He can be all rounder. Seen him play for UP many time. He bats sometime at no 3 for them and also is one of the fine opening swing bowlers.