Monday, December 31, 2012

‘I once dreamed about…’

What I dreamed about once, I asked myself. Almost everything it replied to me. From being a teacher to from being a sports person, from being a farmer to being a actor. I dream of being everything in life which actually doesn’t happen. So right now I am sitting on my office desk on working Saturday, yes I know it sucks to work on Saturday but then also I am going to write about the things I dreamed about once.

Teacher: From class 1st to class 4th, I only wanted to be teacher. That was the best profession in my eyes at that time. You come in class at your own will and leave in 45 min., if you wish to teach you could or else you can say, ‘head down student I have some work’. You can scold anyone, give marks anyone you want and live the life as you wants. Whereas being student is boring thing, daily same dress, early morning bath, have to be on time to school and worst was HOMEWORK. Teachers has to give homework, where as student has to DO homework. But my life played tricks with me, as my family gives me something else to ponder upon which is given below.

Doctor: Being only son of family always makes you darling the eyes of everyone. But it gives you added tension as well if your elder sister is quite studious. After dropping my idea of being teacher, I picked up choice of being doctor because my elder sister wanted to be. I always wanted to beat her in marks, in everything we did. We were so competitive in life at that time. But chemistry subject betrayed me big time. I never was able to understand why there is chemical equation and how we can balance it. Why misbalance it first place if we have to balance it. This was not it in biology my spelling mistake was like big thing. One time my mom saw my answer sheet there was only red dot below every spelling because it was not correct. Finally in 9th std. I gave up on dream of being doctor as well. Because rather than being a bad doctor I choose to be a good patient. My one friend consoled me, ‘if we all become doctor, then who will be patient. So we choose to be patient’.

CA: This was the actually one which I tried to become. I choose commerce after 10th and I realized how few options are left to me. But then also I was happy with my choice, in the end I get rid of chemistry and biology.  CA was different kind of exp. For me, I worked hard for six month for its CPT exam. At that time I used to send 12 hours studying and rest of time in coaching and sleeping. In short means no life was left in me. And fortunately or unfortunately I failed in exam by 2 marks. That was really painful for few days; I could not eat, sleep and talk to people. I thought people are laughing at me, ‘look he can’t even clear CPT’. Those where dark days in my life, but somehow I realized look what I am doing in life. I had no life for last 6 month and if I took this forward I would end having no life for almost 5 to 7 years in minimum. Really I need that, no was the answer from my mind. I was that close to become but finally chose something else.

Coming back to today, these are few dreams of my life from my career point of view which I wanted to become. Some time I look back at my life and I think what would have been my life, if I have chosen any one of those career.
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