Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012 or welcome 2013 ????

I am not sure how to see this, either say goodbye to 2012 or say welcome to 2013. In either case one is leaving and one is coming in the life. There are few things which we will leave behind and some things we are waiting in the next year. Life is strange; we don’t often value the things we have in life until that is gone. Every year is the same case, once it comes to end then we realize its real value in our life and importance of it.

This year has been important in my life, on professional front as well on personal front. Life is professional front has become more stabilize and now I can put focus on other things in life. People fear about their future and how they are planning about their life accordingly, but I have been talking all things year by year. Till now it has been awesome in the professional front, I am learning daily new thing about my profession and also about myself. The best thing I learned about myself I was so restricted in my learning throughout all those year. Now I am doing things which were out of league in last few years. I could now thought to do those things, not because it was difficult but because I thought it could not be done. But now after trying it, now I know it can be done. And that is the amazing part of it.

This year I again realized how much I hate shopping in life. If you send me inside a mall and give me option of buying a jeans for myself, I would end up getting nothing myself. The more I see things, often it up confusing me rather than helping me. It makes my choice making more difficult because clothing is something which I don’t put my focus on. As one of my friends pointed out to me recently that you have to enjoy the process of it, then you’re buying process will be easier. I hope it does next year to me.

With each new phone I tend to realize, how much amazing was my last phone and also how amazing phone I need next phone. Currently I am using Samsung Galxay Ace S580, it is amazing phone it terms of feature but still somehow I still miss my Nokia phone. I not sure might be because of Battery life but I remember few things which I can do over there and not here and what I need in next phone. Life for this phone my basic criteria was a camera with flash phone. For next I have already drawn few lines, hope next year will bring thins phone much faster in my life and with greater peace.

Socially connected is the most irritating thing for me this year, with each passing day facebook is becoming more irritating to me. They just taking all of us for granted, because the way they are changing their privacy policy is out of my head. For example the Instagram in his new policy said, they can use any one photo update after this date for any of the ads or any commercial process. That is most insane thing I heard, say I put up a photo which can be used to promote Alcohol then they can use it. Even if I am against the Alcohol, that’s what I am getting as a common used from this.

If last year has been all about being friends in life, then this year turn about to all about being UNFRIEND in life. Often in life we call lots of people our friend but they turn out to not, it happened with me also. I believed in lots of people but not all of them have been true to me or I have been true with him. Life moves on, people move on but personally speaking I am just trying to make sure I know who my friend is and who are not.

Welcoming any year is difficult, but there has to be some good reasons for that. In next post I will post how would I am looking forward to 2013, till then wait for HAPPY NEW YEAR.