Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mumbai Fc: The moneyball of Indian football

Every year before start of Indian football season there is always a question mark on one team Mumbai Fc. They don’t have team yet ready, there star player left the club, they can’t sign any big star player but still somehow before start of season they put a team on the pitch. It somehow sounds to me like a moneyball movie, the Coach here Khalid Jamil has done tremendous job with the little back up he has. He is proving to be one of the best upcoming coaches in India especially if you look at the work he has done with youngster.

Every season they are the one the primarily candidate for the relegation, but for last 3 season they have proved prediction wrong. They have somehow survived each season with kind of fight back that you always love to see from an underdog them. But how long they can keep this doing this; I am not too sure about that. They can do it till Khalid Jamil is there coach for sure. He is really grown on his own, every season new players, new problem but yet he produces a team which love to play and fight as a team. Only Abhishek Yadav has been there longer than Khaid, He has produced a team of performing youngster year after year. In my opinion he deserves to be an assistant coach of Indian football team, so he can learn and we can develop coach for the future.

Personally I am an East Bengal fan but the recent run of Mumbai Fc has caught my eye. Look at this team, they have drawn with Mohan bagan, which they should have won and again they defeated prayad united. The Galaticos of Indian football, they deserve applaud for that. If I would have been a team owner or say a football reporter I would have run stories how Khaild is doing it time and time again. Defying the odds, getting the youngster and player past their prime perform as a team. 

This is only team from Mumbai, a city which has lost its love for sports. In last few years I have not heard any extra ordinary talent has come out from Mumbai in any sports. Well Mumbai needs its last hope for the city in sports; Mumbai Fc is one of them. They keep youth engaged and also there youth team is quite good. They promote their youth into first team rather than purchasing players from other club. I can see lots of youngster play there heart out, but when they go to other club they seems to be lost.

I know Mumbai has its own rich cricket team, but this a team which need real Mumbai supports. I hope Mumbai people come to watch their match like Pune Fc club supporter. They might not win the league but there are winning many hearts in the process of their quest of stability. If this team can be together 3 years they can do wonders. 

P.S.: Mumbai might lose itself from football map of Indian if they don’t do enough to support the teams in term of ground and other backing.