Monday, December 3, 2012

Why I am missing Nadal in the tennis court

I am huge Nadal fan, and really I am missing him badly in last few months in the tennis court. Without him the tennis has lost it charm and certainly the fighting spirit also. I remember when I first saw him playing in the first time in French open in him first win in clay court, I thought again a Spanish player who will dominate the clay court but will falter in others but he proved me all wrong. He did all the impossible in the dictionary of tennis, stopped the unstoppable Rodger fedrer in the grass court.

Why I like him is a question which lots of my friend has asked him over the period of time. One reason I can give to them is, he is a real fighter. When I first saw him fighting for every ball in the court, when most of the other player used to give up on the points given me real treat to watch on tv. He has done most of thing in most UN fashionable way; his shots with spin are real treat to watch. His cross court shot, his running power in the ground is unbelievable. If you ever can say about him and French open, he is the greatest player to play on the clay court. He has made French open as Rafa slam, even this year Novak was not able to stop him in the final even though he was unstoppable whole of the year.

His rivalry with feedrer has been legendry; He will always go down the player who stopped the strong hold of feedrer from the Wimbledon. There are player who are more talented than him but what he has will power and also to always look for improve all the time. His service has become so much better over the years. He is more complete player now then he was few year back but injury has hurt him bad in last few years. His reliance on power and running on court has taken its toll in his knees and that why he has been out so much from tennis.

He could easily break the feedrer record if he stays injury free in next few years. Not only we all fan of him but also the tennis people will also love to see him back because this is the best time for the tennis game. Novak on the top of the game, feedrer showing old time sign, Andy murry now fulfilling his potential and with rafa back it would be a top four to reckon with. There are few others in the lineup also like Tsonga and Del potro. One time there was feedrer and nadal only on the top now it has become much more competitive.

Once Rafa is back his first challenge will be not to win but remain fit for the long term. He has been in and out of the game this year and next year he has maintained the balance. Let’s see how he come back but I hope to see the same old rafa back again on the court running and chasing each shot like it is a last point. Sometime you don’t have to be best to win but you have to be hungrier and have more will then you opponent to win.

P.S.: If Rafa will wins the Australia open next year then it would set a nice year for him. I hope it start with bang for him