Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Last note before new journey

It was really a wonderful journey I had while creating, nurturing and writing on this blog. When ever you look back at all those happy and doom movement you realize how Insane you where in your though, Yet there where some people who believed in you. They where more insane then me to make me happy about that, well naturally I love them all for that and Just could not thank enough to them.

I don't know why I am saying this, but some journey are special because you know you destination but there are few journey where you don't know your destination and you keep on going, reach somewhere and finally know how good your journey was all the way. Every start has its own end, some has good ending and some has bad ending. I often wanted to be part of bad ending because that what make you dare to dream again, make the thing right this time when you are at the end of it.

I have already decided my next year resolution, I will be writing very much less on this blog. It is up for grabs for any other person who loves writing because it is time for me to move on from here to search my new destination. I will not stop writing but very less on this blog.

I took this decision because of two things. First being I love this blog like my child, Because of that I could not write certain things about life which I really wanted to do. There daily 100 of people reading this blog, 60000 + already visited it but that not I want. Some time it better to leave you best part in life to part of some thing new. Some one said to me few years back,
" नया पाने की चाहत मैं ,
पुराना छूट जाता है "
How true it was, well my friend have always told me good poetry. Lets see how my new Journey turns out to be.

P.S.: Some secrets are never meant to be reveled.