Saturday, December 29, 2012


I opened my facebook, twitter today and read the news of girl who died after battling of her life. There was strange feeling of anger in me, a pain which I can’t explain and a sadness which can’t be consoled. But when I saw there were thousands of people like me who are angry, sad and more so frustrated with system. We are ANGRY INDIAN, those who chose to do nothing but only being angry on every other thing which doesn’t please us.

I am Angry...

For us protest means changing facebook status, twitter status, sharing pictures and sometime sharing our views as well. Who cared about that girl for these days, we all cared for our self. We read the news, talked about it and changed our profile picture and protested. That was it from our parts, we all is angry that what is govt. doing? Why they are not doing anything for us? Why they keep silent on everything and just keep pushing public away?

My question is why should they? Have we done our part in democracy? Our part was to vote and vote for right person not for any party and any person. I don’t have any party and any person but I hate being told that you have to vote this person only and you don’t have a choice. We all had a choice but we choose not to use it, we didn’t VOTE included me. I didn’t vote because there was no good candidate but that made the bad candidate win also. So, how could blame the others for my own choices. I made the choice to make chargesheet holders MLA and MP, then why now I am blaming them for doing nothing.

The best part we do is being angry. We become angry on price rise, we become angry on not getting job but we never think that we are also part of system which chooses not to change. We all hate changes in our life, and that has been our order of life.

What I will do as a Indian after this case. I will protest on facebook, twitter and other social media platform. Apart from that will criticize govt. for nothing and will skip our part from this grand debate. We all are part of this country and our responsibility is to build the country and not to let is destroy itself in the anger. And biggest problem is we all want a hero who can solve our problems and country also. We want more Gandhi, Nehru or Subhash Chandra bose, but no one wants to be one of them because it is selfless job.

I am no longer angry with others, I am angry with myself. It is my choices which have to be better for any change in future. I have to vote; I have to fulfill my social responsibility and also try to be a role model for our younger ones. In the age of facebook and twitter we chose to say things and rather than do things.

P.S.: This anger is good if canalized but bad if we do damage to our self.