Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tips to choose best Kerala tour Package

While working in travel Industry for over one year, I realize in the short period how many traveler books there trip with making use of some common basics. There are few details which every traveler should keep in mind while booking any trip either himself or directly from any travel agent.

Food Inclusion: The most common mistake traveler make is don’t check what is included in trip and what is not, for example if in place he is getting a deal with all meals included and other place with all meals, but the cost diff. is only of 2000 Rs then consider it that basis. Because some time dinner is more costly in the hotel you stay or you might not have a good dinner option outside the hotel. So before booking consider all the food option and all the costing of it.

Hotel location and it review: In any travel the most important choice is of hotel, what kind of hotel you are choosing. In case the hotel is offering you a good deal in a city and you are going there to visit city as well please check the location of hotel. Because sometime what happens hotel offers good rate if they are located outside of city but in the end it might cost you higher because of Transfers which might be costly in outside of city. Please consider its location and transfer cost while choosing any hotel in your trip. Try trip Advisor for hotel review, and while reading review just make to read the latest review so you can judge the hotel current situation

Type of cab and it fixed run: After hotel most important part is tour package is kind of cab you are taking. For example either ac indica or Innova if a group is going. But the choice of cab should always be known to you, and the cab should be good in service. If your can is not good then it might spoil your mood while you are in sightseeing and travelling from one place. Also make sure the run in of KM is provided is enough for you trip or not.

Detail Itinerary: Before starting any journey, you should always be aware about your detail itinerary about trip plan. Just make sure before buying the package you are aware about the detail Itinerary and also the place you are visiting. It is always to know Itinerary so you can plan your trip accordingly.

Inclusion of Sightseeing: In Kerala there is so much to see, so you can always have more details Itinerary with Inclusion. Like you can have for Thekkady wildlife activity inclusion and also some other place entry ticket. Please make sure if someone providing this activity then few different thing is dive so you have comparisons of quotes.

These about are few important trip to remember while taking any trip for Kerala. While working for It help traveler to get customize package, and also give people like to us to learn new things. In case if anyone need help for Kerala trip, you can drop me mail at saifi