Friday, June 6, 2014

Fifa football world cup is ONNNNNN

Only a week more to go for the biggest carnival on the earth. 32 teams will fight it out to be crowned as the champions of Football. Brazil, a country famous for its samba skills and silky moves in football will host the 31 country. I have high hopes from this world cup, this is going to be one of the most exciting world cup in the real Memory. In each world from the day I have follow up it up from 1998, it has always thrown up some new stars with the exciting ones. Be it Ronaldo in 1998 and emergence of Zidan, then in 2002 re birth of Ronaldo and emergence of Ronadiniho, In 2006 the re emergence of Zidan and arrival of Cristiano Ronalao and the famous head butt of Zidan. Then in last world cup the Spain domination and the dutch emergence and failure of Messi.

This world cup is some how little different in some sense, in each world cup past one team have always been clear favorite, I could not find any clear cut favorite. Yes, there is Brazil, Spain, Germany ahead of other but there are teams like Belgium ( My pic from outside to go to semifinal), Urugave and Nigeria. they all have a very talented side with lots of experience. They can defeat any team on the given day with ease. Brazil playing on home soil will face the huge pressure of expectation, and with Scolari in charge I think they can cope with it. To my pic my favorite in this year championship, it would be German. They have a very well oiled team, it would be really dangerous if there team is on song in the world cup. The most surprise package team would be Belgium, they have Hazard, lukaku, Kompany, and Courtious. They have one of the best team in the world, If they play to the perfection and then it could reach in the semi final very easily.

I have seen few player in the EPL, La liga, German, French and Seria A. Most of the team have very talented player, but I would pic two player to watch in the world cup. One is Naymar and one is Hazard, they both are the best attacking player in the world right now. Neymar in Confederation cup has proved him self and carry the burden of the nation expectation, Where as hazard is new to the international level, he has yet to prove himself in the level of Ronaldo, Messi. He can do that if he is the focal point of the team in the championship.

As In India most of match will play in the prime time, you will see this year rating of the world cup will be higher.

P.S.: Watch out of Klose of Germany, he can break the record of the Ronaldo goal record in the world cup. I hope he don't do it.