Saturday, June 14, 2014

The arrival of Fabregas and Impact in Chelsea fc

Last season when Jose Mourinho arrived in Chelsea fc he knew what he was getting into. He knew this is not the team who can win the championship in its first year, so he tried his best to make sure every one listen to his theory of Little horse. He and some of fan in Chelsea fc where really surprised the way our team was fighting for the BPL and Champions league. Even after having Hazard, Oscar and some other creative player why what was the missing link in the team.

Let's look at the last few team Mourinho has build on, Porto was the first team he build, it was really a marvelous team to watch, as underdog they perform outstandingly well. His team was build around the Play maker and orchestra of Deco, he was at his best in Porto, creating and scoring important goals for the team. When he moved to Chelsea fc, he didn't have any creative player in midfield. In chelsea he found something Unique, Frankly Lampard ( He is just a rare player to find), He might not have a creative genius like deco, but he was better goal scorer then his forward player. then when he moved to Inter Milan, he has Weshle Snider one of the best player in world at that time. he created, scored and played main role in Jose team. The common thing he found in all of his team is a creative midfield player who can control the game and be a game changer at any time. In RM also, he might have made the Ronaldo beast of goal scorer, but his main player as always Xabi Alonso. he controlled the game.

Last year in Chelsea fc, he found that lampard has lost the speed ( he is still top player) and needed someone who can control the game for him. His current player if you look, Obi mikel he still not the creative player that he need, Ramirez can be best runner but at time his touch and pass make you wonder about his creativity. What Oscar and Hazard need is someone who can make a quick pass to them to unlock the defense, and look what he has Got Fabregas.

He is the perfect replacement for the outgoing Lampard, if you wonder why then look at his statics. Right now Chelsea fc don't need any goal scorer from Midfield, they need someone who can connect between defense and attack. Fabregas has got that, he might not score the 15 goal a season, but he will increase the goal scoring opportunity of Oscar, hazard and the striker Jose choose to play. He will be hungry to prove all the doubters wrong about him, and also to Wenger who passed the chance to re sign him. Chelsea fc has done a great bit of business by signing him early, now they can wait for the other thing to shape up.

In my opinion this was the missing link in Jose master plan, when last year he said about his long term approach, few of us believe it. But this year now as transfer market is going, I am thinking he has already a grand master plan in place, he know they way his team will play this year and how he want to evolve the team. That is why i love jose, he never say a word, without some hidden meaning in it.

This year you might see the best of Chelsea fc with Jose at his Happy one mode on.