Friday, June 6, 2014

Quality pages in Novels please

I have been really frustrated by India publisher for last 6 month; I don’t why they do it. But somehow I have started to believe that they don’t value there reader highly enough. When people say, readership of paper book reader is coming down I think the reason are not reader but the problem is with author and more so with Publisher. In last 6 month this is my 5th bad experience with an India publisher, earlier I ignored it but they are now doing it with good authors as well who are know in Indian writing circle.

Each month I order 3 books to read, this month I choose 3, first was of John green “fault in our stars”, second one was of Preeti Shenoy “The one you can’t have” and third one is in pre order of Smriti bansal again a life story of 20 people from small town who did achieve big things. I ordered on flipkart and there delivery time was excellent, they have done good job in that part. But after that I can see a contrast difference in the books of publisher.  I have two books with me one from Penguine and Preeti one from Westland.

My problem starts here; there was one big difference in both books which I couldn’t ignore this time. I could not understand how there can be so difference in the page quality of both book. Penguine book page quality was excellent, but Westland book page quality, I can’t comment on it. My preference to read book was of Preeti one but due to page quality I was put off. I don’t know why it has been done, because I can see price of book it was well priced as compared to other Indian Author, but paper quality used in book was like of a a new author book who has force publisher to print it. I am really disappointed by it, even though I am kind of good experience with preeti books, but this once has really given me a bad taste in starting, maybe I will not complain after reading the book. But after paying for book I think as a consumer I need some good experience as well. If these kind of thing is happening with Preeti Shenoy book than god knows what will happen to less know India Author books. Maybe that is why lots of reader is keeping themselves away from Indian Authors books these days. Paper quality of their book has become a major issue in last few months for me.

I don’t know how publisher will solve this, but for me here an Author has to take some responsibility towards the reader. We as a reader has hardly choose any book on the basis of publisher; we choose books on the basis of author, so they have to do justice not only with their writing, but also the end product we are getting in form of page quality and other things. The change will only come when we as consumer will complain, that we don’t need bad quality. For me Preeti Shenoy latest book price in a way that they can provide a not an international paper quality but good at least. For god sake doesn’t blame this only to the publisher because she is already written few novels to she must know how it works.

After reading the book, I will write a small latter to Preeti Shenoy regarding this, maybe she will take note of it, But yes as a reader I am really feeling bad about it. L