Friday, June 6, 2014

What difference a week make to you

Last week this same day, I was sitting on my desk and thinking about starting something new in blog. I done some research and selected a blog platform called for my new blog. Everything was done and even first new 2 blog was published. Then after 2 days, all my friends just started asking me about it. Why did you leave you old blog?

To be frank, I never thought any of my friend would read my blog ( due to my bad grammar and broken English), But actually they did. Even though most of them never told me about it. So again in my mind I was in doubt, should I continue with this blog or I should choose the new one. I give a deep thought for few days, and finally my emotions attached with this blog won. I ditched the new blog and decided to continue writing on this blog. Even tough I am not sure what I would write, but some how I could find a new will in myself that I would be back to my normal 2 or 3 post in a week.

In this week what I did most important was to talk with my old friends. The difference I found in all the people I have talked, there where few people who don't know what to talk with me or don't know what to talk with him ( A gap I can feel which was build by the time), and there where others who talked with me like we only met yesterday. Maybe it depend on nature of people or maybe I am over thinking about things these day. Whatever it is, I really need to get these things off my head.