Saturday, June 14, 2014

The End of Tikki-Taaka football

In all the civilization and in all the form of life there is a cycle, you start something, it grows, it spreads and finally after reaching it maturity, it starts to decline. Decline continues till it reaches its lowest point and something new is started from that point. This is what happening to Barcelona and Spain Tikka-Tikka style of play. It was introduced by Dutch, but mastered by the Barcelona of Pep. It was perfect football team, a team who keep the ball for so long that team feel irritated for not seeing ball, a team who chase the ball in packs once the loose the ball, with ball they pass it like a pure football team. They dominate the football for 3 years, there influence can be seen the Spain team of 2008 euro, 2010 World cup and now just 2012 euro. But as the team started to find out more about them, started by Chelsea fc that you can let them keep position, it doesn’t matter anymore. Just wait for you movement and hurt them at that time. 

Before the last season, the semi final of Bayer Munich and Barcelona was the decline of the Tikka-Takka football, they now only showed how to defeat them but also how to do in style. After that still people talk about style of football, but look at the Spain league also them team who won La Liga Ath. Madrid is not the best team in football, but they are the most effective team of football. Even Real Madrid has been more of a team which is effective and best on counter attack; they heavily rely of Ronaldo to bail them out. As we saw loss of Spain from the hand of Dutch, people might say this is one off, I think Spain has to choose more of Madrid approach rather than of Barcelona approach. 

The team which have beaten them have allowed them to have position in there half, but once they enter into their half they press them. They break them at pace, which allows them extra time to make sure they stay ahead, which is why team with pace like Dutch has caused problem to them. They can run at people and create the mistake which other can’t. 

Even with Spain in next match we will a new approach, I hope so otherwise it can be difficult for them. For Barcelona also they have to take the touch decision, like Pep did once he arrived at Barcelona, he sold Ronadihino and Deco both, so It might be time for few people to move on, and let the other create other their own destiny. 

Next season most successful team will sure not play a tikka-takka football, it will be more close to Bayer Munich or say Chelase fc effective team. 

Few years back when Barcelona was at there peak, they hold the ball for such a long period of times in a match that you know, it will not give the chance to other team to play the football. As each of the style has a cycle in which they grow, reach at maturity and then they come to end, I think Barcelona style Tikki-Takka football is coming to end.