Friday, August 23, 2013

Engage in Playful Chemistry and win some exciting prices

Well this week I am bring a competition on my blog to all my readers who can win some cool prices for themselves this festive season.

Do you remember the time when you would have thought thousand times about someone and thought what she or he would think about you, you just make assumption in your mind and end up never knowing what other one is thinking about you? Sometime you miss on meeting some really wonderful people; it can be only done once you engage with anyone. You have to talk to people to know about them and also what they think about them, but what if there is some kind of application or some kind or magic which can help you decode about the thoughts of the other person. Yes, it might be possible with new engage game, which help you to identify the equation you share with someone, do you treat him as friend or she treat you as your friends,  the more emotions the more details about others.  

So let get started for the game and I should tell you how to play the game, find the game link here:

Here is the link to the game: 

The easiest part is to play this engage or you can find your sizzling chemistry game. You don’t have to do any hard thing. You have to just first click on the link I have shared to play the game, and then you have to like the Facebook page. Don’t worry they will not spam you; because they will not share you chemistry score until you do it by yourself. The next simple step is you have named the put your name and the name of person with whom you want to check your chemistry equation. You will get you result within few second.  Here is the interesting part, once you get the score you can share it with the person whom you want to or you can keep it a secret.

So people if you are ready let me introduce the new engage competition on this blog, Now it is time to win something for yourself or the person whom you are checking your equation. You have to follow it on simple steps for it. You have to play the game and share you score with us on the blow comment box, from the all the participant, we will choose 3 winner who will get surprise gift. You may ask how to share you score, you can either share it by screen shot on mail id, or you can just update it on comment box like: saifi and fiza = friends, true friends. So you have to share your Flame result and Chemistry Quotient. So people all set to enter the competition.
Find Sample Screen shot of How to play game:

It is really simple, and don’t miss the chance because frankly there are no rules in this game. Just play, share and have a chance to win some gift either for you or the person whom you want to engage. 

1. There are No special rule to play the game
2. The last day of this contest Will be updated on blog soon.