Monday, August 5, 2013

Friendship day

When I was in school, there was no one who used to celebrate this day, until we saw kuch kuch hota hai. That was the first time I was introduced to the Friendship day and friendship band. All the boys used to dream about giving friendship band to the girls, because giving band to boys was such a waste. Some of us succeeded in making few friends especially, rest of kept thinking about how to approach the girls. A boy and girls can never be only friends that was we used to thing at that time, We all feared what if girl refuse and more dangerous what if she make us his brother. That was too much risk at that time. 

Those were days when there was no facebook, no orkut, no twitter, no mobile phone and even having landline phone was rare. If you receive a call from girl then it become a big news in your home, your cousins and sister will remind you that thing till the time then find someone new to target. Talking to girl used to be a taboo in school until and unless you are famous with your looks. I remember how in our group of boys we used to tease the boy who talks to girl, and more he used to think as traitor in our group. We were all small town boys, who were very much influenced by the movie. We all were Srk type lover, we wanted to woo the girl with all the good things but in reality we knew it is not possible. 

Today when I look back to those days, it really becomes so nostalgic to think about those days. My school time was more memorable because I am still in touch with most people of my school whom I consider as my friends, but when I look back I have some regrets as well. But we all move on in our life, we make new friends. One thing I learned in school which was really important to me was making new friends is very important, you need to meet people and talk to them in order to know them.

On this friendship day I want to remember all my school friends who made me feel so special, who knew me when I was nothing and they believe me at that time also. I want to meet all of them all the time, but I know it is not possible but we all can hope. I still think your school friends are the one who know about you most but don’t talk about you. They can judge you best because they know you when you have learned to lie about yourself, you don’t fake yourself, and you don’t make things to become friends. Some time you think how well your school days where. 

Anyways, this friendship day I am not doing anything special apart from doing what I do best, hoping some of old friends call me to talk with me.