Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Give us back the Old SRK Mr. Sharukh Khan

I have been sharukh khan fan for a long time, but with his last few films I just started to wonder is this same Shahrukh Khan which I liked. He was the ideal story of Middle class boy rising to stardom and making true all the dreams, and yet he always surprises with his films with something new. 

Let me start from the beginning, when he done the negative role in the Bazigar, He made me love the hero who is murdered, who has done all the wrong but we never dislike his antics, because we felt it is right. First time in history of Indian cinema a negative hero was in Avatar and it stole the show, people where sad to see him die.  

He did one more negative role in Darr, a lover who was mad for his lady love. I never thought he was wrong in his chase of Kkkkkkiran, I supported him more than sunny doel. I wanted him to win the girl rather than sunny doel. Hero was powerful, but public supported the Villan to win the girl. When I though he only do this kind of role then I was surprise to see his best movie of all time

Kabhi haa Kabhi naa, this was the movie which shows the love in the right way much before the DDLG, here was the boy who chased his lady love by around all the globe, he just made me feel the right way about the love, he excepted the right way that his love doesn’t love him. 

I cry for him in the end, and thought about it why do girl do not realize so much love of this boy.
These were unconventional films, not the usual film at that time, he made his name by doing films which no other star uses to try or think of doing. That made him big star between the middle class Indian who love the way he behaved in screen. He was one of among us, he was no action hero, not a typical romantic hero, he woos his heroin in the right way, yet he has moral ground and he always makes girl family feel better. Yes he was hero of a average people in early 90’s.

Then came his biggest blockbuster of his career which in a way has changed his career. I am talking about DDLG, This movie made him popular not only in India but also abroad among NRI. He was the romantic hero of our time, because it reflected our generation. It reflected the confusion of choosing family and love, the boy who refuse the girl to run away and came down from thousand miles to marry him in a right way. By accepted from his family, I don’t know how many I have watched that movie, it is still fresh in my mind. I loved him every min. of that movie. And that started the second half of SRK.

SRK become King Khan, he started giving better and bigger blockbuster with Karan Johar, aditya chopra but his risk taking and trying something new was gone. No longer have I seen a character which I supported so much as I did in darr or bazigar. He occasionally did Chak de and Swadesh which again proved his great choice but then again there was presser on him to deliver better and bigger success. He is just living with burden of his own success, as his fan for so long I love to see him trying anything new which breaks the Clichy of his acting. 

His Chennai express might be one of biggest blockbuster of all time, but as a fan of his I am not happy, I think it is time he should look at himself before he decide what he want to do. After happy New Year, he has not signed any movie yet, not in public domain, he should try something which is not for produces, not for the market watchers something which is for himself.