Saturday, August 3, 2013

little loyalty left in me

I have to admit, it is strange to me to write about this. Actually I was just going through some old memories just when I came face to face with an unwanted memory which was hidden somewhere in my mind. It was somewhere backing around 12 standards; it was said by my close friend to me. After 10th we never meet, but once we did at that time it was strange talking to each other. We both wanted to get into same school, but it didn’t happen and I blamed him for that. But he said to me, if you wanted it so much what you did for it, I never thought about it. What did I do?

It was never about the friendship, it was about the time I spend with him and I wanted him to choose me over others, and that was the problem. I expected him to be loyal, but I have made the easy choice. I blamed him and never thought about it, I am glad he said that to me, because after that I never blamed him. It was all about me and I accepted that. 

I am not the loyal person, I am admitting that, but somehow after that I developed the habit of loving the people who have given me something in life. If I love you, I will show it, but I need to be loved by you, that are the condition. 

Today when I see around me, we all take each other too much granted and also we are not any more loyal to each other. We do anything for our gain and other loss, either it is in friendship or in work, it is all about profit and loss statement to us. We have to maintain it by taking all the necessary steps, if it still not matched create some misc item to get it done. Emotions don’t stand a chance to get in between the things we do.

Loyalty is the word which is only used when you are expecting something in return for someone, but if you are in other place then you would also ditch the loyalty. That is the reality and we have to accept it. I just heard this dialog somewhere, “If you are week you can’t forgive someone, for that you have to be powerful.”

P.S. leave the "loyalty" this word is out of fashion today, maybe we all will remember it once we in retirement.