Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Khuda ke liye

I never got a chance to saw this movie before, but yesterday I got a chance to have a look at this movie and frankly I was blown away by this powerful movie. The performance, cast, story and how it is treated was simply phenomenal to watch. I have never seen so powerful movie which talks about some problem of Muslim people which is not made by someone else. It talks about the most important issue which all the Muslim youth face, what they should follow, how should they behave, how should they live there life.

The story revolve around two brother who are great in music, but one of them come in touch with the Maulana Saheb who guide him about the Islam and about the question he has in him mind. I am not here to judge who is right or who is wrong but what stand out to me was the way movie has moved. One to America and one to Afghanistan, how there is people confused about the Islam, and we depend upon the knowledge of one person to decide about all the things. What if he misguides you, what if he fulfills his own personal interest with you? That is what movie talks about, follow the religion but never follow the people who tell you to follow it. 

The most important dialog which made most important impact to me was, when the hero was arrested in the America and they ask him about his taweez and what is written in Arabic, he reply to them, “I can read it but I could not understand it”. That is the reality of today Muslim in India and Pakistan. We read Quran but we don’t understand it, we read it as we are reading it something out of fear, but we don’t understand what the words means. I have read Quran and also with urdu translation of it written with each word. But still I don’t understand the Arabic, I don’t understand it.

The entire problems we all face as Muslim today are not all created by America or other country. It is created by our own self. We don’t want to solve the problem which we have inside out own house, but we all blame the others. We don’t want to look at that, because it always the dirty work when you clean your house but it is easy to blame other. 

For me this movie was more than Historical because it talked about the real problem, you are not only Muslim when you wear salwar-Kamiz and cap on your skull, also the beard in your face. But you become Muslim when you follow the basic of Islam right. You might not do all, but you can do the basic. 

In the month of Ramadan, we need to make sure that we remove the evil which is inside ourselves, before pointing on others. We only can make this religion good and bad in the eye of other, but we have to behave in that way.  Kudos to Khuda ke liye team for this wonderful movie.