Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mourniho: The Special One is back at special place

Let me tell you straight, I am big Chelsea and Mourniho fan; I have been open about his on my blog, twitter page both. It hurt me badly when I saw him coaching team like Inter Milan and Madrid, winning title with them and our Chelsea team where making news for all the wrong reason. The only thing that made me happy was he is not coaching in England and fortunately against us, but I had my worst fear since he openly admitted that he wanted to be back in England. First I never thought it would be Chelsea fc because of Mr. Abramovich and Mr. Jose history, that made me worried because playing against him and seeing him support some other team in EPL would have broke any Chelsea fc fan heart. 

But As Mr. Abramovich has done in past, somehow he keeps everyone surprising every season in Chelsea fc, this season he delivered one of the biggest. The return of Special one and now the Happy one back to his HOME i.e. Chelsea fc, As a fan I am really about that he is back, because I know one he is at the helm at the club no one will talk about nonsense about Chelsea fc, he will give them so much to write about that no one will talk about the team and how they are doing but they will talk about is what Mourinoh did and what he will do next.

Take a case of His interview this week about Willian and his signature with Chelsea fc, He did at most brilliant manner, he never spoke about any club and directed about them and yet he did his best to make them feel inferior to Chelsea fc, some time it is not about winning or losing but how you win and loose anything. He make you feel invincible, like no one is talking about why Mata is not in the team and why Torres in not scoring, will luiz go to barca or he stays, what is happening. 

What he did is right, he did wind up you and make you feel about being more up to his game, that’s suits his style of play and game. Then you will play the extra egression and they his team can up the tempo or the more physical style of game. His presence itself counts for more than anything, you know even if you are 2 goals down, that you can still overcome this odd because your captain believes so.

There is aura about him which will help Chelsea fc to win this year EPL, and I hope Champions league as well, and if they do don’t only congratulate Mourinho, but Mr. Abramovich also because he had made this reunion possible. A blue legend and person I know will fight for the club, for fan and will again unite as one. 

P.S.: I could see Chelsea fc Winning title in first 10 game if they start with perfect record till then.