Friday, August 16, 2013

The difference in prospective

When I was in class 10th our group decided that we will join the same school for our 11th class, because our school was only till 10th. But when result came out of our 10th class we hardly knew who would be going to which school. I am talking about a time where there was no facebook and phone. So communication part was more different then what it is today. I choose to go Air force School Bamrauli for my further schooling in commerce. I could not take science because my chemistry and biology was terrible. But it was right decision for me.

When I joined my new school, it felt lonely for first few days. Everyone in my class knew each other apart from few new students. I could not see myself getting along with them anymore. I used to my time in my earlier school; I have spend my 10 year in that school with my old friends. It was hard for me to forget all things in one go and start from fresh. I was not prepared for that time; I was not mature enough to think about that. I wanted to get in the same school as my friends where, but I could not. Some school I could not get register and rest didn’t give me admission. That was really a low time of my life; I don’t know what to do. I see others happy and yet I was not, I always after 10th life will be easier but there I was feeling worse than any other time. 

I thought about doing lots of things at that time, I never told anyone or talked to anyone about that period of my life. Because that was the low time which I don’t want to look back. I always want to remember only good things about life. New school, new people and you feel terrible. So what changed in me in next few days that changed my life? 

When you really need a inspiration about something, you find it everywhere, but I was looking for was someone to tell me how to get out of my past to look forward to the future. It came from a book, I don’t remember the book name, but there was one letter of I think Benjamin Franklin to his son who he just send in the hostel for schooling. He wrote him about how he should treat other and his life to get best out of it. And it was simple but yet so powerful letter, it moved me fully. It changed me how I see things since then, till then I was not very much open to new things but after that it was totally new things.

He written in letter how it is important to embrace the present with open arms in order to make you future better, make new friends, talk with everyone, try to reach everyone out there and learn from them. It helped me a lot, ever I feel confused or need some motivation just I read that letter again. You need words of other sometime to show you the path that you know is write but still you prefer someone else world to be more sure about it. 

After that my school life become much easier, I made lots of friends in the school time. Today when I look back I have better memory of my second school then first because I have let go lots of thing to embrace the new things. I am glad I did it, may god give me more such memorable journey to live in this life.